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January 8/06 7:55 am - Burnaby Velodrome Race Series #2: Day 1

Posted by Editoress on 01/8/06

Burnaby Velodrome Race Series #2 Saturday Jan 7th
Cocurtesy Gordon Ross

Riders from BC, Alberta, Washington, and Oregon gathered under the inflatable roof of the Harry Jerome Sports Centre in Burnaby today, for the first day of racing at the BVC #2 Race Series. On tap was a combination of sprint and mass-start events for riders across three categories (A/B/C). This event followed up hot on the heels of the Burnaby SixDay race, held only 3 weeks ago in December.

In the A Group, several sub-12 second times were recorded for the 200m, with Victoria's Matt Barlee stopping the clock in 11.49 for the fastest time of the day. In the B Group, Anselmo Rossiello of Team Coastal was fastest at a time of 12.78, with 16 year old phenom from Alberta Monique Sullivan, only a few tenths behind him at 13.1. Team VeloVets rider Stuart Lynne took the fastest C qualifier at 14.1

The sprints saw teammates Matt Barlee and Matt Chater go a full 3 rounds in the A Group, with Barlee taking the win in the final ride. In the B Group final it was youngster Sullivan went up against Team Dr. Walker rider Vinko Poldrugovac, pushing him to 3 rides, but losing in the final ride. And veteran Stuart Lynne took junior rider Mike Rothengatter in the C Group sprint finals in 2 rides.

The 50 lap A Scratch Race saw a rider more known for his sprint efforts taking the win, with Matt Chater leading out the final sprint from about 5 laps out, beating Oregon's Stephen McLaughry and Devo/Escape Velocity's Jeff Ain (Burnaby). 19 riders started the B Group event, the largest mass-start event of the day, and saw a competitive 40 laps won by the hard-charging Vinko Podrugovac. Local rider Rossiello was second, while Oregon rider Miranda Duff rounded out the top 3. Stuart Lynne repeated over Mike Rothengatter in the C Group Scratch.

Wrapping up the day was the 100/80/30 lap Points Races for the respective A/B/C categories. Riders were evenly matched in all three races, with groups staying together and few riders able to lap the field. Multiple riders scored points in each event and many of the events saw riders tie for points when the dust had settled.

It was Matt Chater again in the A Group, over Jeff Ain and John Perkins second and third. In the B Group, 16 year old Cody Campbell of Team Soliton won an exciting race over Podrugovac and Oregon's Per Bjesse. Stuart Lynne won the C Group, with Rothengatter at his heels and Ron Gordon in third.

On schedule for Sunday is the Keirin, Snowball, the infamous "Burnaby Elimination-to-Scratch", and a Feature Scratch race.

Flying 200m

A Group
Matt Barlee, 11.49
Keith Bruneau, 11.59
Matt Chater, 11.63
Dean Tracy, 11.98
Stephen McLaughry, 11.99
Steven Beardsley, 12.15
Dylan Menard, 12.53
Mike McCorkell, 12.56
John Perkins, 12.61
Joel Regimbald, 12.65
Zach Grant, 12.88
Luis Bernhardt, 13.35

B Group
Anselmo Rossiello, 12.78
Christopher J. Anstey, 12.82
Monique Sullivan, 13.1
Vinko Poldrugovac, 13.12
Mark Butschler, 13.15
William Monteath, 13.17
Per Bjesse, 13.23
Heather VanValkenburg, 13.32
Austin MacDougall, 13.33
Hayden Wood, 13.38
Jennifer Triplett, 13.58
Dave Shishkoff, 13.74
Kele Murdin, 13.86
David Kosick, 14.46

C Group
Stuart Lynne, 14.04
Ron Gordon, 14.58
Michael Rothengatter, 14.67
Rob McMurtry, 14.88
Doug Preston, 15.22
Amelia Bjesse-Puffin, 15.48
Rachel Canning, 15.96

Scratch Race

A Group - 50 laps
1. Matt Chater
2. Stephen McLaughry
3. Jeff Ain
4. John Perkins
5. Dean Tracy
6. Mandy Poitras
7. Gina Grain

B Group - 40 laps
1. Vinko Poldrugovac
2. Anselmo Rossiello
3. Miranda Duff
4. Jennifer Tripplett
5. Pers Bjesse
6. Kele Murdin

C Group - 20 laps
1. Stuart Lynne
2. Mike Rothengatter
3. Ron Gordon
4. Rachel Canning
5. Rob McMurtry
6. Doug Preston


A Group
1. Matt Barlee
2. Matt Chater
3. Keith Bruneau
4. Dean Tracy
5. Dylan Menard
6. Steven Beardsley

B Group
1. Vinko Poldrugovac
2. Monique Sullivan
3. Anselmo Rossiello
4. Chris Anstey
5. Pers Bjesse
6. Heather VanValkenberg

C Group
1. Stuart Lynne
2. Mike Rothengatter
3. Ron Gordon
4. Doug Preston

Points Race

A Group
1. Matt Chater, 59 (+1 lap)
2. Jeff Ain, 44 (+1 lap)
3. John Perkins, 33 (+1 lap)
4. Mike Mccorkell, 27 (+1 lap)
5. Mandy Poitras, 12
6. Gina Grain, 11
7. Luis Bernhardt, 5
8. David Godfrey, 1

B Group
1. Cody Campbell, 22
2. Vinko Poldrugovac 17
3. Pers Bjesse, 17
4. Anselmo Rossiello, 14
5. Miranda Duff, 11
6. Dave Shishkoff, 3
7. Austin MacDougall, 3

C Group
1. Mike Rothengatter, 13
2. Stuart Lynne, 8
3. Rob McMurtry, 4
4. Ron Gordon, 3
5. Rachel Canning, 3
6. Doug Preston, 2


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