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January 19/06 9:37 am - Jeanson Positive: More Details

Posted by Editor on 01/19/06

We managed to speak with Kris Westwood, Director of High Performance Programs at the Canadian Cycling Association (CCA) a few minutes ago.

"The first we heard about it was from you guys, so we can't comment on what is only a media report at this stage; there has not been an official announcement yet. This process is supposed to be confidential, so the fact that we haven't heard until now is normal and what would be expected. We will be in touch with the CCES (Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport), but until there is official word we cannot comment on the implications it will have for our (national team) programs."

Editor's Note: We have been trying to set up a conversation with Jeanson since last fall, but there has been no response.

Further details from the La Presse report include the following:

- Jeanson's positive came after the Prologue of the Tour de Toona, but a subsequent test 60 hours later turned up negative. The first test (both A and B samples) showed extremely high levels of EPO and the second none, which Jeanson's defense argued was impossible.

- The testing was done at a Los Angeles lab, the same one where the Balco drug scandal was uncovered.


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