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January 25/06 12:01 pm - Masters `Cross World Championships: Report & Results

Posted by Editoress on 01/25/06

Masters `Cross World Champs MOL, Belgium. January 21st

This was my third year racing the World Masters Championships in Mol and every year that I have been here is has been exactly the same. The course has not changed. Starting with about 400m of pavement and then into the deepest and softest sand that you can imagine for 100 meters then a combination of a lot of turns, sand, 2 sets of 6-7 stairs and a narrow-narrow track with little to no passing room.

You pay your 12E (~18$ CDN) and you are off to the race.

Despite what my final placing was I had a great race. The biggest part of this race is the start and I had a little bad luck at the start with a horrible call up 4th from last. This is totally random with everyone being called up in a totally mixed order. Great start from the back row and I moved up quite a bit before the chaos on the first sand section. There were endo's crashes and swearing (in four different languages). I was moving up most of the race but had one bad section where I made some errors and was passed. Wendy said that I was getting stronger at the end. I think I was in the 16to19th range but we could not stay for the final results. Bigger and more important for me was that I did not get passed by the first guys in the 30-34 group which leaves before us meaning I got to complete the whole race for the first time. I was pretty pumped. Did not ride the big sand section that I cleaned in practice as my handlebars kept slipping on the sidewalk to sand transition so it did not give me confidence. Was really pumped on my race though. The body really forgets how to suffer after not racing for 2 months.

Right after the race finished I found Wendy and we headed out to Hoogerheide to pick up race numbers and attend the managers meeting for the world cup race. We JUST made it in time and found Canadian Team member Ryan Hopping wandering around the parking lot hoping someone....anyone would show up from the Canadian team.

I decided to not race at Wiljrik. The trip to the race without Corey as a navigator and with trying to fully help Wendy and the other Canadians it was just a bit too much of a push. My cross season has come to a close.

At the Mol race Wendy got Corey a great Flemish Lion Flag from a spectator.

Post race. Simms and I decided not to do the long haul back to Zeddam tonight (and back here in the morning) and are in this great hotel/dorm up in Hoogerheide. This was a great investment.

Ryan has his own web site that you can check out his reports on his trip so far:

You can check out a great photo collection from the Masters race in Mol at There are a few pictures with guys just bailing in the background on the first sand section.

Oh yeah one last thing.....the rumour is that Masters World Champs may be held someplace in Canada next year after being 13 years in Mol. Do you think it would still be $12 if it is?

All for now.


Women -1966
1. Saintagne Claudia (Fra)29:02:
2. Baumsteiger Katrina (USA)at 0:32
3. Boe Gjertrud (Nor)2:21
4. Pfluke Liltian (USA)2:37
5. Lockwood Jacqelyn (USA)3:07
6. Herrijgers Maria (Bel)5:46
7. Borjesson Carina (Swe)6:08
8. Jarzemkoski Teresa (USA)- 1 lap
DSQ. Day Louise (GBr)
Women 1967-1976
1. Clouet Francose (Fra)28:30
2. Gall Marianne (Ned)at 0:32
3. Reinders Anja (Ned)1:41
4. Cuppen-Heijnen Diana (Ned)3:43
5. Van Buuren Jacomine (Ned)4:00
6. Engelsma Margriet (Ned)4:31
7. Moreels Katia (Bel)6:58
8. Hochstenbach Linda (Ned)- 1 lap
Men < 1942
1. Ives Michael (GBr) 29:42
2. Melet Andre (Fra) at 0:50
3. Van Der Sluijs Ca (Ned) 0:50
4. Berger Gunter (Ger) 1:16
5. De Vries Henk (Ned) 2:18
6. Clements Graham (GBr) 3:13
7. Dowell John (GBr) 3:22
8. Small Ian (GBr) 3:33
9. Cushing-Murray James (USA) 5:12
Men 1942-1946
1. Barnett Victor (GBr)36:26:
2. Martens Herman (Bel)s.t.
3. Diers Alain (Fra)1:34
4. Van de Wiel ambert L (Ned)1:54
5. Ginley John (GBr)2:14
6. Buysse Wilfried (Bel)2:18
7. Vismants Caune (Lat)2:28
8. Delange Gills (Fra)2:47
9. Broere Theo (Ned)2:51
10. Hocknell Stuart (GBr)3:35
11. Mikelsons Andris (Lat)3:46
12. Dupuis Jean-Loup (Fra)- 1 lap
Men 1947-1951
1. Snoeijint Herman (Ned)31:55
2. Grange Jean-Clude (Fra)at 0:35
3. De Clercq Jose (Bel)0:35
4. Mertens Francois (Bel)0:45
5. De Kinkelder Fred (Ned)0:59
6. Geudens JanGuido - (Bel)1:08
7. Bongers Ger (Ned)1:52
8. De Busser Leo (Bel)2:04
9. Sas Jos (Bel)2:09
10. Durand Michl e (Fra)2:20
11. Minnen Willy (Bel)3:02
12. Perret Gerard (Fra)3:17
13. Den Braven J (Ned)3:25
14. Clemmen Andre (Bel)4:12
15. Slager Hans (Ned)4:25
16. Verhagen Ties (Ned)4:25
17. Kamphuis Garjo (Ned)4:39
18. Hellwig Wolfgang (Ger)4:40
19. Bollansee Ron (Bel)5:10
20. Wiercx Rogier (Ned)5:22
21. Fohrmeister Hans- (Ger)- 1 lap
22. Hentzel Helmut (Ger)- 1 lap
23. De Roeck Ronny (Bel)- 1 lap
24. Visser Hink (Ned)- 1 lap
25. De Wit Frans (Ned)- 1 lap
26. Reed Chris (GBr)- 1 lap
27. Delwel Wout (Ned)- 2 laps
Men 1952-1956
1. Weytens Alex (Bel)31:2
2. Van Oosterwk Daniel ijc (Bel)at 0:04
3. Guinle Alain (Fra)0:23
4. De Scheemaeker Ronald (Bel)0:47
5. Geerts Chris (Bel)1:00
6. Kramer Henry (USA)1:05
7. Huysveld Luc (Bel)1:15
8. Andersson Beny n (Swe)1:26
9. Ocasek Zynek (Cze)1:37
10. Hunt Roy (GBr)1:46
11. Steensma Jan (Ned)2:08
12. Van De Velde Etienne (Bel)2:08
13. Allen Christoher (USA)2:32
14. Heese Volker (Ger)2:42
15. Cornelis Michel (Fra)2:54
16. Van Den Buy Ludo s (Bel)2:54
17. Wilkins Tony (GBr)3:34
18. Parker Harold (USA)3:34
19. Roberts Andrew (GBr)3:47
20. Lopez Reguero Juan (Esp)4:57
21. Govaert Willia m (Bel)5:34
22. Haring Rolad n (Sui)5:34
23. Shaw Gavin (GBr)6:09
24. Lynn Hines (GBr)6:19
25. Bertels Albert (Bel)6:32
26. Parkes Peter (GBr)- 1 lap
27. Van der Plas Tinus (Ned)- 1 lap
28. Rutter David (GBr)- 1 lap
Men 1957-1961
1. Verhestraete Danny n (Bel)44:03
2. Verloo Mark (Bel)s.t.
3. Gebruers Dirk (Bel)0:28
4. Van Tongelen ranky F (Bel)0:37
5. Sluyts Patrick (Bel)0:59
6. Panis Andre (Bel)1:25
7. Bloemmen Rud y (Bel)1:45
8. Hoffmans Peter (Ned)1:47
9. Heuser Heik o (Ger)1:54
10. Hines Kevin (USA)2:01
11. Lammertink Jonny (Ned)2:49
12. Cop Herman (Bel)3:01
13. Zamparini Giuseppe (Ita)3:01
14. Bogaerts Jos (Ned)3:01
15. Schutters Alfns o (Bel)3:10
16. Eadon Mart in (GBr)3:10
17. Spolc Milan (Cze)3:32
18. Ojea ManueGonzalez (Esp)3:52
19. Harris Peter (GBr)3:52
20. Bernaerts Ad (Ned)3:52
21. Goor Patrick (Bel)3:52
22. Bertram Jorg (Ger)3:52
23. Schlyper Theo (Ned)4:47
24. Van 't Pad Jack (Ned)4:47
25. Van Steerteghem Eric (Bel)4:47
26. Rous Tomas (Cze)5:00
27. Keppel Gerri t (Ned)5:00
28. Mosher John (USA)- 1 lap
29. Wagemans Patrick (Bel)- 1 lap
30. Jalliquet Patrick (Fra)- 1 lap
31. Van Dijke Ed (Ned)- 1 lap
32. Potargent Pierrot (Bel)- 1 lap
33. Rambuski Edwin (USA)- 1 lap
34. Mandaus Jiri (Cze)- 1 lap
35. Francke Jorg (Ger)- 1 lap
36. Clark Garry (GBr)- 1 lap
37. Van Oirschot Frank (Ned)- 1 lap
38. Dalton Paul (GBr)- 1 lap
39. Meacock Mark (GBr)- 1 lap
40. Leedberg Davd i (USA)- 1 lap
41. Thomas Mark (USA)- 1 lap
42. Lodge Bruce (USA)- 1 lap
43. Ceulemans Patrick (Bel)- 1 lap
Men 1962-1966
1. Mertens Dirk (Bel)42:10
2. Loizeau Sephane t (Fra)at 0:11
3. Teck Erik (Bel)0:23
4. Wittig Torsten (Ger)0:30
5. Van Korven Ton (Ned)1:00
6. Willems Frans (Ned)1:23
7. Ceulemans Frans (Bel)1:30
8. Lambrechts Ronn (Bel)2:06
9. Krieckemans Wim (Bel)2:13
10. Schmidt Peter (Ger)2:44
11. Weerman Jannes (Ned)2:55
12. De Jonckheere (Fra)3:15
13. Alonso Villaron (Esp)3:17
14. Sima Martin (Cze)3:34
15. Gladines Ludwig (Bel)3:34
16. Howland Mark (USA)3:36
17. Van Der Sloot Lars (Ger)3:40
18. Meys Mark (Bel)4:13
19. Venturini Stfano e (Ita)4:23
20. Harter Sven (Ger)4:31
21. Besnard Pascal (Fra)4:50
22. Zoppas Flavio (Ita)4:50
23. Roach Philip (GBr)5:32
24. Schrauth Elmar (Ger)5:42
25. Degano Claude (Lux)5:42
26. Haitz Tim (USA)6:05
27. Barnard And y (GBr)6:08
28. Ballat Anton (Sui)6:14
29. Gatz Holge r (Ger)6:16
30. Toth Peter (Can)6:26
31. Ristau Rene (Ger)6:30
32. Gerritsen Willard (Ned)6:49
33. Noel Franck (Fra)- 1 lap
34. Kevin Vincent (USA)- 1 lap
35. Pink Daniel (Fra)- 1 lap
36. De Graef Eric (Bel)- 1 lap
37. Hoffmann Heiko (Ger)- 1 lap
38. Stevens Crai g (GBr)- 1 lap
39. Weber Albert (Sui)- 1 lap
40. Cauwet Franc 0k (Fra)- 1 lap
41. Dunlea Kieran (GBr)- 1 lap
42. Pink Pascal (Fra)- 1 lap
43. Begjohann Sven (Ger)- 1 lap
44. Bartlet Frederic (Fra)- 1 lap
45. Barnett Nick (GBr)- 2 laps
46. Aubry Alain (Fra)- 2 laps
47. Clement Rob (Ned)- 2 laps
Men 1967 - 1971
1. Raats Edwin (Ned)41:20
2. Jansen Wim (Bel)at 0:03
3. Black Nik (USA)0:57
4. Carrar Luigi (Ita)1:02
5. Chalas Jean-Pierre (Fra)1:04
6. Van Staeyen Beny n (Bel)1:06
7. Verbraeken Jef f (Bel)1:31
8. McGhee Stuart (GBr)1:33
9. Tabotta Maurizo i (Ita)1:44
10. Cariveaux Jon (USA)2:22
11. Maton Marbien (Ned)2:50
12. Pauchard Stephane (Fra)3:39
13. Sels Friedrich (Bel)3:45
14. Thomas Fabien (Fra)3:45
15. Corpus Oliver (Ger)4:00
16. Lemardele Mickael (Fra)4:00
17. Normon Thibault (Can)4:14
18. Grossetete Olivie 6r (Fra)4:42
19. Nordmann Heiko (Ger)4:45
20. Weersman Hen k (Ned)4:48
21. Martina Andrea (Ita)4:53
22. Raugel Jacques (Fra)4:53
23. Trouve Dominiqe 8u (Fra)4:58
24. Van Loon And y (Ned)5:06
25. Simcock Evert (GBr)5:10
26. Rodriguez Ferandez n (Esp)5:15
27. Thomas Alai n (Fra)6:13
28. Michout Eric (Fra)6:13
29. Velter Ilya (Ned)6:13
30. Rogerson Graham (GBr)6:13
31. Janssen Udo (Ned)6:13
32. Guttierez Bermejo Manuel (Esp)- 1 lap
33. Burch Ivan (GBr)- 1 lap
34. Walsh James (USA)- 1 lap
35. Altenkirch Volke (Ger)- 1 lap
36. Durvelle Laurent (Fra)- 1 lap
37. Hilton Andy (GBr)- 1 lap
Men 1972 - 1976
1. Veldkamp Wilfrd e (Ned)41:02
2. Schroyen Nico (Bel)at 1:08
3. Garnier Cedric (Fra)1:12
4. Raeymakers S ven (Bel)1:53
5. Naessens Axel (Bel)2:02
6. Van Erp Robe rt (Ned)2:02
7. Kuschlaven S (Ger)2:16
8. Ory Loic (Fra)2:25
9. Colombo Lin o (Bel)3:14
10. Fuhring Jorn (Ger)3:21
11. De Backer Kur t (Bel)3:36
12. Lister Richad r (GBr)3:53
13. Claes Geert (Bel)4:11
14. Zontone Marco (Ita)4:25
15. Pruvost Jerome (Fra)5:09
16. Kamphuis Tijmen (Ned)5:09
17. Baum Andrew (GBr)5:25
18. Scholtens Rick (Ned)5:51
19. Hocknell Hugo (GBr)6:11
20. Hildebrandt Anreas d (Ger)6:15
21. Schoen Arnol d (Ned)- 1 lap
22. Wowerat Dirk (Ger)- 1 lap
23. Cortjens Peter-Paul (Bel)- 1 lap
24. Te Bockhorst Wander (Ned)- 1 lap
25. Ruiterkamp Harry (Ned)- 1 lap
26. Conway Christopher (USA)- 1 lap
27. Nijs Bert (Bel)- 1 lap
28. Nelet Fabien (Fra)- 1 lap
DSQ. Alvarez Perez Guillermo (Esp)


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