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December 17/14 12:50 pm - Book Review - Every Cyclists Guide to Canadian Law

Posted by Editor on 12/17/14

This is a book that every serious cyclist, club executive, team manager, event organizer and coach should keep as a reference: Every Cyclist's Guide to Canadian Law.Photo

Just published, this 200-plus page book was written by two avid cyclists from Ottawa, who also happen to be law professors - Craig Forcese and Nicole LaViolette.

I will say up front that this is not a light read - the footnotes at the end of each chapter run to multiple pages. However, it provides a comprehensive overview of the various aspects of Canadian law as they apply to cycling and cyclists.

Everything from bike theft to accidents, to purchasing or selling a bike, warranties, running a club or racing, are covered in a clear and concise manner. The authors use simple day-to-day examples to illustrate situations and clearly lay out the scope and limitations of your rights and obligations.

It will by no means turn you into a lawyer, but it will provide every cyclist with a better understanding of Canadian law as it pertains to cyclists.

They even contribute a portion of the proceeds from sales to the Share the Road Coalition.

Every Cyclist's Guide to Canadian Law

$28 list price available in store at Chapters / Indigo and online at for $18.48

Published by Irwin Law Inc.

ISBN 978-1-55221-384-1
e-book ISBN 978-1-55221-385-8


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