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July 22/17 20:35 pm - Tour de l'Abitibi: Stage 6

Posted by Editoress on 07/22/17

Chretien Finishes Third in Stage 6 at Abitibi

Mexico continues to win at the Tour de l'Abitibi, taking their third stage victory in six stages on Saturday in the town of Amos.  The stage was held on a 10.8 kilometre circuit through the town, which the riders covered nine times, for a total of 97.2 kilometres.

Juan Francisco Rosales Hernandez of Team Mexico took the win in a two-up sprint against overall race leader Riley Sheehan (Team USA).  The pair finished three seconds in front of the peloton, with Canadian road champion Charles-Étienne Chrétien of Team Canada winning the bunch sprint for third.  Chrétien's third place was the first podium of the week for a local Abitibi rider.

Sheehan continues to hold the Brown Jersey of race leader and Blue Jersey of Best Young Rider.  Sheehan holds a 29 second lead over Fernando Islas Lopez (Team Mexico) in the general classification.  Although he has not won a stage, he has been on the podium for four of six stages.  If he wins the overall but does not win the final stage on Sunday, he would become only the fourth Abitibi champion in 49 years to take the title without winning a stage - the first since B.C. rider Ludo Crema in 1977, 40 years ago.

Ama Nsek (Stradling p/b Specialized) won the only climbing points in the stage, to lock down the Green Jersey of Best Climber.  Nsek has won the title, since there are no climbing points available in the final stage.  Richard Holec, the Czech rider with Stradling p/b Specialized, continues to lead the Points competition with 130 points.  the only rider capable of catching him is Sheehan, at 116 points.  Team USA continues to lead the team classification.


Results from the sixth stage in Quebec

Stage 6: Amos Urban circuit
1 Juan Francisco Rosales Hernandez (Mex) Team Mexico 2:09:01
2 Riley Sheehan (USA) Team USA at s.t.
3 Charles-Etienne Chretien (Can) Team Canada 0:03
4 Richard Holec (Cze) LUX/Stradling p/b Specialized
5 Sean Mcelroy (USA) Team USA
6 Eugene Kakizaki (Jpn) Team Japan
7 Denzel Stephenson (USA) Colorado Select p/b Brac-excel Sports
8 Przemyslaw Kotulski (Pol) Novo Nordisk
9 Kouki Shinoda (Jpn) Team Japan
10 Sam Cook (NZl) Stingray/Trek par Ultime Velo
11 Lucas Aumeunier (Fra) Team France
12 Lucas Boniface (Fra) Team France
13 Ken Sato (Jpn) Team Japan
14 Isaac Bryant (USA) LUX/Stradling p/b Specialized
15 Taylor Kring (USA) Arizona Select p/b El Grupo Cycling
16 Olivier Hamel (Can) IAMGOLD
17 Sander Kempi (Est) Team Estonia
18 Michael Foley (Can) Team Canada
19 Robin Plamondon (Can) Team Quebec
20 Antoine Ippersiel (Can) Stingray/Trek par Ultime Velo
21 Felix Boutin (Can) Team Quebec
22 Noppachai Klahan (Tha) Team Thailand
23 Guillaume Davidson (Can) Team Canada
24 Mark Grant (Can) Cycling BC
25 Alfie Peters (Gbr) Novo Nordisk
26 Liam Cappel (NZl) Team New Zealand
27 Carlos Duarte Gonzalez (Mex) Team Mexico
28 Daniel Alejandro Mendez Noreña (Col) Team Colombia
29 Jayden Kuijpers (NZl) Team New Zealand
30 Gabriel Drapeau Zgoralski (Can) Novo Nordisk
31 Sergio Nicolas Granados Carvajal (Col) Team Colombia
32 Ben Hamilton (NZl) Team New Zealand
33 Antoine Gauran (Fra) Team France
34 Nicholas Diniz (Can) Team Ontario
35 Fernando Islas Lopez (Mex) Team Mexico
36 Ross Ellwood (USA) Colorado Select p/b Brac-excel Sports
37 Daniel Gutierrez Ballestero (Col) Team Colombia
38 Adam Attwell (Can) Cycling BC
39 Graydon Staples (Can) Team Canada
40 Kei Onodera (Jpn) Team Japan
41 Matteo Jorgenson (USA) Team USA
42 Warut Paekrathok (Tha) Team Thailand
43 Sean Quinn (USA) Team USA
44 Conor Swan (USA) Southeast Regional
45 Noah Simms (Can) Team Ontario
46 Noah Schlosser (USA) LUX/Stradling p/b Specialized
47 Louis Faure (Fra) Team France
48 Sam Titter-Dower (NZl) Team New Zealand
49 Kendrick Boots (USA) Team USA
50 Matthew Jogodnik (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team
51 Antoine Dalterio (Can) Espoirs Elite- Primeau Velo
52 Carson Miles (Can) Equipe Cycliste Gatineau
53 Kurt Penno (Can) Team Canada
54 Alexander Chrystall (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team
55 Caiden Plummer (USA) Arizona Select p/b El Grupo Cycling
56 Joel Domingue (Can) Stingray/Trek par Ultime Velo all s.t.
57 Wheeler Davis (USA) Novo Nordisk 0:12
58 Oscar Elworthy (NZl) Team New Zealand
59 Seth Jones (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team
60 Emile Vezina Coulombe (Can) Desjardins Ford
61 Colby Lange (USA) LUX/Stradling p/b Specialized
62 Cesar Reyes (USA) Vantaggio Fitness And Nutrition
63 Jonathan Cassivi (Can) Stingray/Trek par Ultime Velo
64 Camden Vodicka (USA) LUX/Stradling p/b Specialized
65 Ethan Palamerek (Can) Stingray/Trek par Ultime Velo
66 Maxime Perigny (Can) IAMGOLD
67 Simon Dubuc (Can) IAMGOLD
68 Dominic Falter (USA) Colorado Select p/b Brac-excel Sports
69 Max Tucker (USA) Vantaggio Fitness And Nutrition
70 Henry Lutz (USA) Vantaggio Fitness And Nutrition
71 Erik Diertens (Can) Cycling BC
72 Ben Katerberg (Can) Cycling BC
73 Thomas Schellenberg (Can) Cycling BC
74 Nathaniel Ryan (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team
75 John Stuart (Can) Equipe Cycliste Gatineau
76 Edouard Beaudoin (Can) Team Quebec
77 Joosep Sankmann (Est) Team Estonia
78 Ethan Overson (USA) Arizona Select p/b El Grupo Cycling
79 Clement Ouimet (Can) Espoirs Elite- Primeau Velo
80 Gabriel Guay (Can) Desjardins Ford
81 Adam Wolfe (Can) Espoirs Elite- Primeau Velo
82 Dominic Hamelin (Can) Espoirs Elite- Primeau Velo
83 Matthew Blenkinsopp (Can) Novo Nordisk
84 Francis Juneau (Can) Stingray/Trek par Ultime Velo
85 Vincent Detosse (Fra) Team France
86 Jack Bardi (USA) Colorado Select p/b Brac-excel Sports
87 Thomas Louis Deshaies (Can) IAMGOLD
88 Ama Nsek (USA) LUX/Stradling p/b Specialized
89 Marten Jõeäär (Est) Team Estonia
90 Thomas Fortier (Can) IAMGOLD all s.t.
91 Felix Pelletier (Can) Team Quebec 0:38
92 Oskar Maidre (Est) Team Estonia 0:41
93 Gabriel Marceau (Can) Desjardins Ford 0:45
94 Ethan Sittlington (Can) Team Ontario 0:53
95 Adrien Pourrat (Fra) Team France 0:57
96 Ryuki Uga (Jpn) Team Japan s.t.
97 Cole Davis (USA) Team USA 2:27
98 Samuel Miller (NZl) Team New Zealand 2:30
99 Clay Moon (Can) Equipe Cycliste Gatineau 3:59
100 Ean Pugh (USA) Southeast Regional 4:28
101 Sean Mccarthy (USA) Van Dessel Factory Team 5:52
102 Justin Correa (Can) Team Ontario 5:56
103 Fernando Alexis Ortiz Picasso (Mex) Team Mexico 13:40
104 Brayan Yesid Borda Muñoz (Col) Team Colombia 18:12
105 Alexis Rochette (Can) Desjardins Ford 18:28
106 Hunter Wilson (USA) Vantaggio Fitness And Nutrition 19:32
107 Anton Smirnov (USA) Colorado Select p/b Brac-excel Sports 22:33
108 James Stuart (USA) Southeast Regional s.t.
109 Ness Dalling (Can) Equipe Cycliste Gatineau 25:35
110 Avery Baltunis (USA) Arizona Select p/b El Grupo Cycling 29:15
111 Kenneth Lang (USA) Colorado Select p/b Brac-excel Sports s.t.
DNF Vivien Rindisbacher (Sui) Team Canada
DNF Ratchanon Yaowarat (Tha) Team Thailand
DNF Pierre Antoine Larochelle (Can) Desjardins Ford
DNS Charles Antoine Forest Leblanc (Can) Team Quebec

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