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September 2/20 13:02 pm - Brian Chewter Memorial Time Trial (Ontario)

Posted by Editor on 09/2/20

Canadian cycling Olympian Brian Chewter passed away on July 26th - see Sad News.

Chris Komar has announced that, in conjunction with the Hamilton Cycling Club, he will be organizing the Brian Chewter Memorial Time Trial on September 12th.

As the racing director, I am pleased to announce the inaugural Brian Chewter time trial championship, on September 12th. Brian's legacy is vast and he has touched the hearts of many of us; that's why I'm pleased to donate money towards this event.

The good news is that the Ontario Cycling Association will now permit 60 participants for a time trial. So we go back to the White Swan time trial course. You can look it up on the Hamilton club web page or Strava.

It will be 15 kilometres of pain or gain. There is equal prize money for men and women provided there is a minimum of 15 participants. If there is less than 15 participants per category, the prize list will be reduced by 50%. The only requirement is you must be a member of the Hamilton Cycling Club, which will cost you $25. There are no additional fees. If you are a member, you will time trial for free!

The prize list is currently at $225, $200, $175, $150 and $125. Yes, we are paying out five places for $25 entry fee, which also entitles you to Hamilton Cycling Club membership. If we get additional sponsorship we will just take the cash and divide it by five and top up the top-5. If anyone is able to break the course record, which is held by Susan Palmer-Komar and Jordann Jones, we will pay an additional $150.

It is my goal to make this event monumental, just like Brian. If you are willing to contribute to the prize list, it will just go to athletes. Currently, I would like to thank Keith Williams and Peter Morris, who have donated $200 and $100, respectively.

See you September 12th.

Visit the PK Express facebook page for more information.

To register contact Ken Wilson

You must have OCA insurance, which comes with OCA membership and join the Hamilton CC ($25 for Club registration).


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