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December 13/13 21:42 pm - Canadian Cyclist Gift Guide - Day 6

Posted by Editoress on 12/13/13

For Day 6 of our Canadian Cyclist Gift Guide we suggest giving back to the cycling community.  There are so many possibilities to provide support to cycling - to advocacy groups, to cycling federations or to groups that support athletes.  Make a contribution yourself or in the name of your favourite cyclist.

In Advocacy you can support IMBA Canada at the national level by becoming a member or pick a local trail council, or a road group working for bike lanes and education, such as Share the Road.

Pretty much every provincial federation and our national federation - Cycling Canada - is involved with fundraising for sending athletes on projects or running a youth series.  Contact them and you can choose the specific project you want to support.  Often, they can issue a charitable donation receipt to boot.

While the above federations have their own programs to support athletes, you can often go local by working with clubs, teams and shops.  Each year, more and more are putting together bursaries to support younger athletes.  We have written in the past about the Wheels of Bloor team in Toronto, the Ottawa Bicycle Club and Seenite Sports in Ottawa, the Atlantic Cycling Centre in Dieppe, New Brunswick, and the dEVo program in B.C., but there are lots and lots - check with your local shop.

Help improve cycling for everyone; it might be the best gift you give.


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