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September 2/18 17:51 pm - Pan Am Track Championships: 3 Medals for Canada on the Final Day

Posted by Editoress on 09/2/18

Canada Finishes Pan Am Track Championships with 7 Medals

Team Canada added a silver and a bronze medal to their tally on Sunday, the final day of the Pan American Track Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico.  In the women's Keirin, Lauriane Genest won silver and Amelia Walsh bronze, to bring Canada's five day medal total to seven - two gold, two silver and three bronze.  The team also set four Canadian records during the event.

"Being behind the Colombian was perfect so I could try to surprise her," said Genest, "but I hesitated for a split second on the last lap and I wasn't able to get around her.  But this result gives me a lot of confidence - I was getting tired of fourth!"

In other results, Vince de Haitre was fourth in the men's 1000 metre time trial, setting a new Canadian record of one minute and 0.193 seconds, and Maggie Coles-Lyster was fourth in the women's Points Race.  The other Canadian records were set in the women's and men's 200 metre time trial and the women's 500 metre time trial.

"Our results here in Aguascalientes help set us up well for the World Cup season," said Kris Westwood, High Performance Director at Cycling Canada.  "Hugo [Barrette] in particular really needed a strong kickoff to Olympic qualifying, and he delivered [two gold medals].  We also saw four new Canadian records, which shows our athletes are progressing, and it was great to give some of our development athletes a shot at this level.  I really want to thank our staff for stepping up in the wake of Stefan's [Ritter] crash. He's flying back to Edmonton on Tuesday and we're hopeful he will recover quickly."


Results from the fifth and final day of racing at the Pan Am Track Championships in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Men Kilo
1 Kevin Quintero (Colombia) 0:58.657
2 Nicholas Paul (Trinidad & Tobago) 0:59.443
3 Santiago Ramirez (Colombia) 0:59.649
4 Vince de Haitre (Canada) 1:00.207
5 Eric Young (USA) 1:00.433
6 Edgar Verdugo (Mexico) 1:00.967
7 Luis Carlos Cordon (Guatemala) 1:01.057
8 Farid Suarez (Argentina) 1:01.276
9 JP Serrano (Argentina) 1:01.455
10 Kacio Freitas (Brazil) 1:01.678
11 Joao Vitor Da Silva (Brazil) 1:02.085
12 Q Alexander (Trinidad & Tobago) 1:02.114
13 Robert Serranao (Mexico) 1:02.148
14 Dominic Suozzi (Venezuela) 1:03.352
15 Felipe Monardes (Chile) 1:03.475
16 Gabriel Quintero (Venezuela) 1:03.597
17 Allan Antonio Lozano (Ecuador) 1:03.905
18 Pablo Pacheco (Ecuador) 1:04.188
19 Fabian Manriquez (Chile) 1:05.071
20 Junior Marte 1:06.762
21 Robinson Ruiz (Venezuela) 1:07.037
1 Santiago Ramirez (Colombia) 0:58.885
2 Kevin Quintero (Colombia) 0:58.956
3 Nicholas Paul (Trinidad & Tobago) 0:59.450
4 Vince de Haitre (Canada) 1:00.193
5 Farid Suarez (Argentina) 1:00.574
6 Eric Young (USA) 1:00.685
7 Edgar Verdugo (Mexico) 1:00.860
8 Luis Carlos Cordon (Guatemala) 1:01.058


Women Points Race
1 Jennifer Valente (USA) 53 pts
2 Jessica Bonilla (Mexico) 32
3 Marlies Mejias Garcia (Cuba) 15
4 Maggie Coles-Lyster (Canada) 12
5 Lilibeth Chacon (Venezuela) 7
6 Jessica Parra (Colombia ) 6
7 Amber Joseph (Barbados) 5
7 Constanza Paredes 5
9 Cristina Greve (Argentina) 3
10 Daniela Christine 1
11 Angie M Paulett (Peru)
12 Alexi Costa (Trinidad & Tobago)
12 L A Ojeda


Women Keirin
1 Martha Bayona Pineda (Colombia)
2 Lauriane Genest (Canada)
3 Amelia Walsh (Canada)
4 Madalyn Godby (USA)
5 Yuli Verdugo Osuna (Mexico)
6 Jessica Salazar Valles (Mexico) (REL)
7 Dahlia Palmer (Jamaica)
8 Nicole Rodriguez (Guatemala)
9 Daniela Alejandra Colilef Barrios (Chile)
10 Natalia Vera (Argentina)
11 Mandy Marquardt (USA)
12 Mirta Garcia Blanco (Cuba)
13 Renata Almendra Urrutia Diaz (Chile)
13 Mariana Diaz (Argentina)
15 Genesis Hedy Lozano Tarira (Ecuador)
15 Carolina Barbosa Alves Do Nascimento (Brazil)
DSQ Lisandra Guerra Rodriguez (Cuba)


Women Madison
1 Mexico (Salazar Vazquez/Arreola Navarro)
2 Canada (Beveridge/Roorda)
3 USA (Geist/Birch)
4 Colombia (Parra Rojas/Salcedo Zambrano)
5 Venezuela (Chacon/Garcia)
6 Brazil (Dos Santos Rodrigues/Cristine Lionço)
DNF Chile (Paredes Martinez/Cortes Ugarte)
DNF Ecuador (Nunez/Aguilar Garcia)
Men Madison
1 USA (Holloway/Hegyvary) 77 pts
2 Mexico (Sarabia Diaz/Aguirre Infante) 55 (-1 lap)
3 Chile (Penaloza Yanez/Cabrera Torres) 46 (-1 lap)
4 Colombia (Arango Carvajal/Sanchez Vergara) 41 (-1 lap)
5 Argentina (Contte/Ramos) 13 (-2 laps)
6 Canada (Burtnik/Ernst) 6 (-2 laps)
7 Brazil (Pereira Dalamaria/Pereira Dalamaria) 5 (-2 laps)
8 Venezuela (Martinez/Rojas)
9 Cuba (Parra Perez/Carriles La O)
DNF Ecuador (Quishpe Quishpe/Rodríguez)
DNF Peru (Gamero Zúñiga/Gonzáles Zenteno)
DNF Dominican Republic (Guzmán Rosario/Marte Aguilera)

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